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Ogio Ozone CC Stand BagI went golf bag shopping today. Do I need a bag? Oh no. Not at all. I like my bag, and it's still in good condition. It was just one of those things. You know, "Golfer Prerogative." The last time I checked, my wife didn't need a new purse, either -- but lo and behold, a new one came home!

As a golfer, hear my pledge: I will shop for unnecessary golf items when I please. So let it be written, so let it be done.

That said, you may read a few bag reviews following. There are some nice ones out there, folks.

The first one that caught my eye was the Ogio Ozone CC Golf Bag. It was in a pretty good array of colors, but the black one was actually the sharpest. This thing has so many pockets it's crazy. It says 8 (6 of them are zippered), but it sure looked like more to me. I really liked the design of the opening, which was called the "Woode Top" on my test subject. It had a section for individual woods that really held them away from the rest of the clubs and cascaded them down nicely. The other irons and putter would be easily accessible in their compartments as well.

One of the pockets is a cool "zipperless" pocket where it looks like balls and tees would fit well, and a sort of tension technology keeps it closed -- very cool. For redundancy, the ball sleeve is readily accessible and looks like it holds about three balls that I could pop out very easily... you know, for when I simply know a ball landed in the area I'm searching, and I convince myself that this is where my ball should have been, and allow myself a "courtesy drop." (Oh right, like you've never done it...)

The strap was fairly comfortable, and I allowed myself to believe that it may just take some getting used to. However, it converted very quickly and easily from one to two straps and bag again. The stand popped out nicely and seemed sturdy -- even when I was standing on that steep sidehill where I shouldn't be. I felt that the price seemed high, but I hadn't price-checked other bags yet.

Some other bags caught my eye, but this one stayed solid as a choice in my mind.

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