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Callaway Big Bertha Iron Club It seems that technology in the golf world is traveling at the speed of light. By the time you get your new clubs home and out of the box, they've already come out with something better.

Never wanting to be behind the latest technology, I grabbed a Callaway Big Bertha 08 five iron at my local pro-shop and took it out to the range. This isn't your daddy's 5-iron! It's Callaway's I-brid design. The great golf scientists at Callaway have engineered a club that isn't quite an iron and isn't quite a hybrid. It's an I-brid.

The club has a low, deep center of gravity that will help you get the ball in the air more easily, and weighting around the perimeter for higher MOI. You are now asking "What the heck is MOI?" MOI is a golf term that manufacturers and marketers have brilliantly injected into our golf vocabulary. It simply means: We are adding another zero to the price of your golf club!

Actually, MOI stands for Moment of Inertia. MOI is a measure of a body's resistance to angular acceleration (twisting). The more twisting, the worse your miss is going to be. The higher MOI, the less twisting and the less offline your shot is going to be.

I like the I-brid design for the improving beginner to intermediate golfer who still wants a forgiving club but doesn't want a full hybrid club. This club gives you the technology of a hybrid but with a little bit more control of standard irons.

Use technology to lower your scores, just make sure you get them out of the box fast enough before the next great technological breakthrough.

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