Callaway Big Bertha Individual Iron Club

Weighted Sand Wedge High Spin

Posted by Jess

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Callaway Big Bertha Individual IronThere are some clubs that are just plain nice. Of course in the past I have raved about Nike clubs, and even my Cobras that I'm so proud of but can't seem to hit...

But Callaway sure makes a nice product. One thing about this individual iron (this one being the sand wedge) is that you can pick up a Callaway supplement without having to spend a small fortune on a set. If you're on a budget, you can pick up your favorite clubs one at a time and use your older ones any time you're forced to swing a 3-iron.

Some of the specifics to Callaway are their "Extreme Notch Weighting," which really helps to get some spin on the ball and a nice, wide sole for the most amount of stability and surface contact.

Callaways just feel nice, you know? They look good at address, and you can rely on some of the best craftsmanship in the game. Not to mention that it's nice to show them off a little when you hit a really nice shot, and a guy in your foursome says, "Let me see what you hit."

Or at least people tell me it's nice when that happens. Usually when I hit a nice shot, the people in my foursome say something like, "There you go, buddy. It's nice to finally get them in the air, isn't it?"

Must be the club...

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