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Posted by ken on May 2

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Every once in a while, I discover a golf blog or site that I get excited about. I read it for a while, see if it's got staying power and, if it keeps me coming back for more, I'll add it to my news reader so I can check on it whenever new posts appear.

One site I discovered recently was golfdash. They describe themselves as "a golf dashboard dedicated to improving your game". Sounds good, right? But could they deliver the goods?

As it turns out, the answer is a resounding yes. I found them when researching custom fittings. Many sites I looked at made generic statements like "get a custom fitting! It's great!", but golfdash provided depth and objectivity. Doug, one of their primary writers, took the time to write a detailed post about his fitting, along with pictures and some no-nonsense advice. In the end, what might've impressed me the most was his conclusion. Instead of just saying "get a custom fitting! It's great!", Doug actually made a pretty balanced recommendation. I don't want to spoil the surprise if choose to read the full post. But needless to say, it was not a slam-dunk buying decision.

Other recent posts at golfdash include a book review, several fitness drills, Masters coverage and, of course, swing tips. All were worth the time to read.

Check 'em out. I think you'll be happy you did. And, who knows? You might just get a new site for your news reader.

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