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Posted by ken on May 19

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Next up in our "check out this blog" series... GolfStinks. Wait, what? Is the author of this blog really saying that golf stinks? Why would anyone go to the trouble to create and maintain a site about something that... well, stinks?

Let's take a closer look and see what's going on here.

GolfStinks says its job is to "help you get the most fun out of this great game as you possibly can." They go on to say that they're building a community for the average Joe golfer. Ah, now I get it.... it's the average Joe that screams "golf stinks!" as he duffs his driver into the cabbage. But — and this part is key — he keeps coming back for more. Why? Because he loves the game.

And that's where the GolfStinks blog comes in. Don't go here for PGA tour coverage — you won't find a scratch of that. Go here for the stuff that the rest of us golfers care about: winning a corvette for hitting an ace, whether golfing can help you lose weight or maybe how to scam free golf on Mother's Day.

The writing at GolfStinks is impeccable, entertaining and straight-to-the-point. Got just a few minutes to kill? Head over and check out a post or two. Even if you don't think that golf stinks.

GolfStinks Blog

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