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Technasonic Golf Ball Marker, SweetHere's a gizmo for you "type A" golfers. Although, I'm sure you already have your own way of finding the sweet spot on your golf ball. Some of the guys I play with are so anal that they throw away a golf ball after one hole. I can just imagine them at home, spinning their golf ball at home in a glass of water to find the sweet spot.

This Technasonic Check-Go will do the work for you using high-speed 10,000 RPM gyroscopic action. Here's how it works: You drop your ball in the device, and the ball spins around like a drunken gerbil on steroids until it calibrates the equator of the golf ball and marks it. Once you have the sweet spot marked, then you will be able to line your ball up for putts or drives to hit it exactly on the sweet spot every time. This will give you a .0000001% advantage over your less technologically advanced playing partners. (That's unless they have a better golf swing than you.)

Sorry perfectionists, but this gadget I'm going to pass on. I like lining my golf ball up with the arrow drawn on most balls today to help me stroke my putts straight. And if you need a good gadget to help you with that, I like the Stance Minder. It will help you with your alignment and make you a better putter.

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