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Stance Minder Alignment Training Aid Go to your local club and get a lesson from a PGA pro. I guarantee you he or she is going to work the majority of your time on your stance and alignment -- because half the battle, my friends, is getting lined up square to the target line. Once you are square, swinging down the line is pretty easy.

You will rarely see a good golfer hitting balls on the range without some type of alignment aid. Most of the time it consists of two golf clubs lying parallel to each other, with one pointing down the target line, and the other at their feet to line up square to the target line.
Why should putting be any different? This is the concept for the Stance Minder Training System. This system will help you get set up square to the target line (with your feet) and then swing your putter square to the target line.

I've seen a lot of putting aids that help you bring the putter straight back and straight through along the target line, but this is the first one that I've seen that incorporates lining up square to that line with your feet and body. Let's face it: you can hone in a great stroke that is square going back and through, but if your feet and body are not lined up correctly, you're going to miss the putt.

In addition to this tool, they throw in a field guide with "tips from Gary Player, Hank Haney (Tiger's coach), and other great instructors." Also, you get Hank Haney's DVD "Cut your handicap in half."

Usually, I don't like a lot of these golf gadgets, but I think this one is going to lower your scores quickly. But this doesn't mean you can skip that lesson from the PGA pro.

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