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Posted by Robert

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Daito Golf Gadget Greenberry This is an interesting golf gadget. It's a putting trainer. The Greenberry uses physics and "advance computing technology" to measure your speed and putting distance.

The way it works is: you put this down on whatever you are putting on (your carpet, or outside on an actual green) and calibrate the speed of the green, and then stroke a putt. The device will tell you how hard you hit it and how far the putt went. With this information while you practice, you can improve your technique and feel.

I'm not a big fan of this, but there are two redeeming qualities. First, it's great if you want to practice long putts in a confined area, like your basement or living room. You can practice the feel of a 50-foot putt in a room that is only 8 by 10.

The other cool thing is that the Greenberry will tell you the stimpmeter of the greens on your home course. Just take it with you on your next round of golf, and the machine will calibrate this for you. I've been privy many times to the guys speculating the speed of the greens - especially if they've been shaved down to play very quick. This is the first gadget I've seen that will actually read this for you.

As far as improving your putting, I'd save my money, or spend it on the Stance Minder Training System. This is a great tool to teach you to line up square to your target line and stroke your putts square.

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