Robocup Return Robot, Golf Ball Putting Practice

PGA Best New Product Award

Posted by Robert

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Robocup Return Robot, Golf Ball PuttingCalling all lazy people! This gadget is for you. Practice your putting without ever having to bend over to pick up your golf ball out of the cup. This reminds me of that thing you put on your basketball hoop to practice your free throws. This Robocup doohickey won Best New Product at the PGA Merchandise show.

Here's how it works: It fits in a regulation golf cup. When you sink a putt, the battery-operated (4AA) device flips your golf ball back to you, up to 14 feet or more depending on how fast the green is. It comes with a "Caddy Cord" that you lay around the back of the cup to direct missed putts into the hole to be returned as well.

Here's what I like about it: It allows you to grove a stroke. It's nice to be able to stand in one place and tinker with your setup and stroke until you find a successful combination. However, I would advise you not to use this device exclusively and let it cause you to get lazy. This would be equivalent to standing on the driving range and banging away at balls without going through a pre-shot routine.

The best putting practice is emulating exactly what you will be doing on the golf course. That means go through your routine of marking your ball, lining it up and stroking the putt. And yes, even picking the ball up out of the hole is a great routine to get used to.

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