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Electric Putting Partner from GolfI've putted with something very similar to this for years. It was in one of my best friend's and coworker's office for at least 15 years. His name was Chris Brown. He kept two putters and three or four golf balls lying next to it. When any of us would get restless or head to the water cooler, we would stop by Chris' office and take a few putts and hone our putting skills.

It is actually a lot tougher than it looks. We typically would give ourselves about six to ten feet. What makes it tricky (besides reading the break of the office carpet) is getting the speed right. If you putt it too hard, it will just hit the ramp and fly right over the Putting Partner. Of course, if you put it too soft, then it won't get up the ramp at all.

The coolest thing is, once you get the hang of it, you don't have to move. The tool will return your ball directly back to in front of your toes. Make sure to go through your pre-shot routine each time so you can really groove that sweet stroke for later out on the links when it counts. You may laugh, but there were plenty of times in the past when I had a pressure putt to win some skins out on my home course, and I thought back to Chris' office and tried to recreate that tension-free stroke.

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