Explanar Swing Trainer

Golf Personal Home Training System for Stance, Posture & Plane

Posted by Jess

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Explanar Swing Trainer As you may remember, I'm a little skeptical when it comes to training systems. Golf is such a difficult sport to master that often any full-proof-guaranteed-to-lower-you-score gadget makes one very suspicious eyebrow go up.

As in the weight-loss industry, everyone is looking for the next great thing that will make them better golfers. Unfortunately, as in the diet craze, nothing beats having someone help you with your goals and spending lots of time and energy devoted to the cause. While it produces a nice large "ring" for you to achieve the proper plane needed for an effective golf swing, it doesn't necessarily address basic fundamentals such as grip, swing tempo, hip movement, and weight distribution.

The model I saw did include different "power rollers" to give the feel of different length clubs, and a video (that I must admit I didn't watch), but simply did not seem to be effective enough for someone like me to learn from. And trust me, I could use some good golf instruction.

If someone is looking for a golf trainer, one should honestly evaluate lessons -- but if a training aid to use at home is needed, I might suggest more of an exclusive "home short game practice session" using something like the RockRoller Putting Training Aid. Save the big swing trainings sessions for a pro to help you with.

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