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Tour Edge Bazooka GeoMax Blue JuniorAh, kids' clubs. The young whipper- snapper wants to play golf like the old man, eh? Step on up, my son. Let's shop for some clubs.

Here's a set. Tour Edge GeoMax Blue Junior Set. Ok. Bazooka. He likes the name. Sounds cool. Like a gun. But I don't want that name. Not for a seven year old. I tend to want to look at a few things: overall quality of construction and playability vs COST. Yes, I said it in all caps: COST. This is where I don't want to sound picky or too frugal, but I can't help it. For my seven-year-old just starting out, clubs are clubs. It's a little like playing military golf with him sometimes. You know: Left. Left. Left, Right, Left. Ah, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree...

Anyway, how do the Bazooka clubs by Tour Edge (like the ones we're discussing here) measure up versus Nike versus Dunlop? No big difference from my perspective. It would be like asking my seven-year-old if he liked the feel of a Nike Platinum ball versus a Top Flite. To tell the truth, he would probably be just as happy hitting the cool yellow one with a black stripe range ball. "It looks like a cool bumblebee, Dad." "Swing away, my son, swing away."

So what's in the cool-named Bazooka set? It comes with 1 Driver, 1 Hybrid, #7, #9 Irons, 1 Putter, and 1 Stand Bag. Okay fine, good selection. Titanium low kick points -- forgiving? Maybe. Graphite shafts? Really? I'll bet he would hit an old generic Northwestern just as well. Sorry. The value on this wouldn't measure up for me. I'd probably go with something that gave me more for less. Speaking of which, I'm off the range to... uh... collect some more bumblebee balls...

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