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Tour Edge Bazooka Iron Set This review is a little tricky. I feel like I might come off sounding like a golf snob. Oh well. You can take it, right? Plus, you don't have to agree with me. But... I think you will.

Be honest. We just love golf. Right? We love to pull up when the dew is fresh, the air is crisp, and you smell the fresh cut grass. It's magic. The other part of your foursome saunters over and you pull on your shoes and start getting your pockets filled with tees and the cool little ball marker that you can never find in your pocket during the round. Where does it go, anyway?

Now here's what is fun. From experience, OK? Bear with me.

Your friends are there. You pull out your bag and come just short of making some sort of Biblical announcement like: "Lo! Behold! I present unto thee new irons!" Clouds part. Harps play. Et cetera. The friends give their accolades. They pull them out, inspect them. One of those friend-of-a-friends uses one of your new babies to line up a pretend shot on the asphalt. You take it back quickly before he takes a practice swing. Moron.

What's the one question they ask? You can hear it even now. "What did you get?" Are you going to say Tour Edge? I would say: only absolutely IF you get a screaming deal. Is that the case with this set?

Tour Edge Bazooka QLS Hybrid Combo Iron Set. Well, it's a mouthful, that's for sure. It comes with Hybrid 3, 4, and then irons 5-PW. Hm. Shallow face, wide and heavy sole. Supposed to be lower center of gravity... ok, the graphite is nice... But how much? What kind of deal did I get for a lower visibility set? $550? Really?

Here's where I become that snob I was telling you about. For this price, a golfer (even a hack like us... I mean, like someone we know) can get a much better name brand, much better quality, and the exact same configuration for the same cost or maybe thirty dollars more. Some sets even have a nice SW too. Believe me, I've looked. Believe me, I've bought. Believe me, the next part is fun.

When your friends' grubby little mitts are handling your new clubs, and one guy says, "What did you get?" Are you going to say Tour Edge? Really? For $550? No. No, no, no. Snob says no. I know it's kind of wrong, but I really enjoyed saying the name brand that I bought. With the same amount of money I would have wasted on the Tours. And then? They nod in envious approval. The smell of sweet envy. It's almost as nice as the fresh grass, isn't it?

Now did the higher visibility name clubs make me better? Uh... no. That takes something else. The word "miracle" comes to mind. But at least the clubs look cool sending my ball O.B.

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