Srixon TriSpeed 1st Quality Golf Ball

Enhanced Distance & Speed

Posted by Robert

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Srixon TriSpeed 1st Quality Golf Ball As usual I'm late to check in for my tee time, and I'm rushing to meet the guys on the first tee. To make matters worse, I know I'm just about out of golf balls, thus I'll need to pick up some at the pro shop. Of course, we all know that buying name brand golf balls in the pro shop is extremely economical, right? (I don't think so.)

These Srixon TriSpeed 1st were sitting on the counter and caught my eye, so I decided to switch from my usual Titleist PRO V1 ball and give them a try.

After loosening up and swinging a few clubs around me, I teed up one of these bad boys and made a pass at it. "WHACK!" The ball sailed high and long and released down the fairway like the Road Runner trying to stay ahead of Wiley Coyote. Man, this ball is hot!

For you golf geeks, here's the technology behind this fireball: It's a three piece ball. It has a "Energetic Gradient Growth" core for high and efficient energy transfer. The 333 dimple pattern is designed for a high ball flight, and has "Highly resilient Rabalon HR blended ionomer" for enhanced ball speed. I don't really know what any of this means, but did I mention this ball is hot?!

I don't usually play a distance ball because I like a little more feel and workability, but this ball really surprised me. Around the greens it has a pretty decent feel. I was able to get my chips to hit and check up just like my PRO V1's. Although, as you would expect, it doesn't quite match up on approach shots. Whereas the PRO V1 stops and dances on the green, the Srixon TriSpeed releases more.

I will definitely carry a few of these in my bag when I'm feeling like a little more pop, and I'm trying to chase down that long hitter that occasionally joins our group. Otherwise, I'll stick with keeping my bag stocked with the Pro V1s... oh, and try to get to the course on time for once.

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