Nike Golf SQ2 Squared Dymo Driver

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Nike Golf SQ2 Squared Dymo DriverSquare Drivers.

What are we doing? Is nothing safe? Can we not do anything traditional anymore? Must we always try for the next big thing? Must we always be so different and innovative?

Absolutely. This is America, and we're just like that. And we're cool. We package all of our toys into mini Fort-Knox-like cages that are impossible to get out on Christmas Morning. We aren't happy with potato chips that are merely regular or BBQ in flavor; we must have cheddars, sour creams, wasabis, and caramels. We can't be happy with large sodas; we must have 64-oz. barrels of beverages to satiate our thirst.

And our drivers won't just be round or oval in shape.

We will create funky square drivers. Yes. We will.

We had the Nike SQ Sumo; this year, it's the Nike SQ2 Squared Dymo Driver -- a square head with a deeper and lower center of gravity for added forgiveness and power. Square drivers give us maximum stability at impact for straighter drives. It has a "PowerBow" Technology that has something to do with optimal spin and better launch angle, but Nike doesn't really tell us how.

And I didn't hit it as well as the new Burner. Now don't get me wrong; I'm not an amazing hitter, but I can poke it out fairly straight every once in a while. When I mishit, I find that I tend to go left. Way left. Like so left that Rush Limbaugh would be mocking my shot. With the Dymo Driver, I was missing it right. Weird.

It looks very sharp. They favored the black and reds as opposed to the bumblebee yellow and black of Nike's past version. The price was comparable to the other newer drivers, and I wouldn't mind owning one and getting used to it. But in the end, I liked other drivers better.

The last funny thing I can't get over about the Dymo is that it is so stinking loud when you hit it. It sounds like you break it every hit. Maybe that's so even when I miss it right, everyone around me can say, "Whoa. I didn't see it, but it sounded like you really got a hold of that one!"

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