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Fairway Wood

Posted by Jess

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Nike SQ Dymo Golf Club I'm a sucker for Nike, but don't worry; this review actually isn't skewed. I was pretty anxious to try out the Dymo series after really enjoying the Sasquatch 2 series. I was first of all completely impressed by the look. It took me a little bit to get over the bright yellow designs of the old Sasquatch series, so this new style looked more like an old Ignite driver to me. The clubhead lined up nice and looked good at address. I chose a 17 degree wood because I'm really looking for a good 4 wood anyway, and was curious as to how the Dymo would work for that.

The price was considerably lower than I thought, being a newer club and everything. I swing fairly quickly, so I went for the graphite stiff shaft. First few were embarrassing, so I quickly dismissed them. Then I found a little bit of a groove and actually started getting some straight shots out of it. I was able to get almost all of the shots off of the ground, no matter what the lie, and felt pretty good about the distance I was getting.

I would probably be apt to purchasing the Dymo 17 degree wood because it felt like the Sasquatch that I really liked, and had a little more muted look to it. The four separate quadrants on the sole were supposed to minimize turf interaction, but this amateur couldn't really tell the difference. Another golfer at the range mentioned how he would never try anything else than Nike fairway woods because he was "really able to shape shots well."

I almost punched him. Here I was happy to get the shots off the ground, and he's "shaping shots."


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