Karakal Golf Grips, X Tack & Power V Reviews

Washable Polymer, Wrap or Wrapless

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Karakal Golf Grips, X Tack &  Power VPolymer grips aren't a new thing anymore, since the Winn Grip company introduced them in a big way a few years ago. And it only follows that, with the success of one company, others will follow. Karakal Golf Grips began to turn up worldwide about 2002 (previously, they were UK/Ireland distributed almost exclusively). As the material, design, etc. of the Karakal Grips had some similarity to Winn, there were lawsuits and claims of patent infringement and the like. All put behind them now as they forge ahead with a multi-faceted product line that includes grips in standard, mid-sized, over-sized, long-putter, giant putter grips, and more. Unlike other polymer grips, Karakal claims theirs can be washed (a good idea for any rubber grip, but not so for many polymers) and the washing will actually improve the tackiness of the grip. I've used the Winn mid-size wrap for years and can tell you that when it's wet, it's a disaster.

The Karakal line starts with their X-Tack model. Available in standard wrap styles as well as a variety of textured grip models -- one of the really distinguishing things about the Karakul line is the broad array of colors offered. There is basic black, of course. After that, there appear to be few limits to what they can do with color. You'll find options called Checker White/Red/Black, Camo Blue/Black, Red/Silver, Pink/Grey, and Yellow/Black -- a combo that looks somewhat like a bamboo stalk. Each grip is quite unique, and there is something for almost anyone.

Next is the Power V line -- this is a traditional player's line, meaning a firmer, simpler grip with less frills and color choices. There are still five color options in this grip in both wrap and wrapless designs. If you prefer less cushion and more direct feel in your grips, this is the line for you.

Perhaps the broadest offering is the putter grip line. Again the X Tack is the core of the line and is the standard size putter grip with another splattering of color choices being offered. There is also the XX Tack -- an upgraded version touting superior cushion and extra-absorbency. Karakal offers two versions of an oversized putter grip, starting with the Jumbo V. Large putter grips are designed with the idea that they will reduce wrist action in the putting stroke, thereby eliminating the unreliable distance control so many of us suffer from. With that thinking, if big is good, then bigger is better, right? In comes the Jumbo 10 putter grip. Despite its obviously large dimensions, this grip is the same weight as a standard putter grip. Instead of being a nightmare of balance and club building issues, the ability to offer a same-weight grip makes it easy to try one with no other adjustments. Finally, there are grips for long/belly putters. At 21" long, these are most practical for the belly putters, but this length gives you plenty of real estate to find the hand position that works for you.

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