Winn Excel Grip Kit

Oversize Soft Black Set of 13

Posted by Robert

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Winn Excel Grip Kit They say that frequent re-gripping of your golf clubs will save you 3 to 4 strokes a round. I'm not sure who they are, but I'm guessing they sell grips.

That being said, I actually buy it this time. Most golf pros with tell you that it's important to have relatively light grip pressure, and if your grips are worn down and have lost their tackiness, obviously you are going to be gripping the club too tight.

You can't go wrong with these Winn grips. These grips are extremely popular because of their soft feel. They are also very light in weight, high in slip resistance, and big on shock absorption.

Although I usually swing the very rough full chord grips that come standard on Titleist irons, I have hit these Winn grips on several occasions. They have a very good feel. They are soft, but not mushy. I would recommend these grips to any "feel" players who want to really have a sense for the clubhead.

A few things about these grips: They are oversized (+1/8") and the set does not come with any grip solvent. Pick up some mineral spirit at the hardware store.

I usually try not to listen to what they say, but in this case, I guess I will make an exception.

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