i got into a argument with my ex about another girl can i still get him back

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Heavy Putter Deep Face Series Call me crazy. I really like the Heavy Putters. They feel great as you swing them and connect with the ball. They really give a nice pendulum feel and let you putt through the ball with ease. The putter that I recen

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tly tried was the Heavy Putter Deep Face Series Putter C2-DF. I chose the 34 inch shaft, but it also comes in 33 and 35 from what I could see.

The milled face is nice, and the putter itself is simple and without frills or whacky contraptions on it. The first thing I wondered when Heavy Putters came out was whether it was actually legal to play with. Players are playing them on tour, though, so I would imagine that someone would have caught it by now.

I also wondered if it would simply be too difficult to get used to. With the bulky 400-500 gram putter head, it seems that you would rocket putts past the hole every time.

But I still really like them. They just feel good to putt with. At their current price I'm not sure if the feel would be enough to get me to buy one over a nice Rife or Ping 1/2 Moon putter -- but if I ever received it as a gift, you wouldn't ever hear me complain.

Let me repeat that in bold in case my family or friends are reading my reviews -- I would like to receive a Heavy Putter as a gift. How was that for subtle?

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