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Three Point Mallet

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Nike OZ 6 Putter One time!


Two times!

Deep breath.

Well that Par 3 turned into a six really fast, now didn't it? Hands down, one of the hardest parts of this silly sport, isn't it? I actually searched for a great quote on putting for this review and found my new favorite. Lord Robertson, who I believe was a Scottish Judge, said, "My favourite shots are the practice swing and the conceded putt. The rest cannot be mastered."

Jolly well said, Lord Robertson. Wait, he was Scottish. Sure and Begorrah, Lord Robertson!

Our biggest excuse for missing a putt is either the yipps or our putter. We tend to favor the latter most of the time. So we shop for a new one, try some out, look at the price, and put them back -- keeping our good excuse intact for the next time we three-putt.

Ok, fine. It's just me. So I tried out the Nike OZ 6 putter. I'll be honest: eh. It's ok. It felt good. This one had one of the Oversized Winn Putter Grips that made the club feel very good and comfortable, no matter what putter grip I used during the testing. I hit the balls straight enough on the astro-test-turf. Some went in for that satisfying ‘clink.' The weight of the head felt good as it swung. It is supposed to have a polymer face that is forgiving. Ok, I'll go with that.

It just looks so freakish. The OZ 6 is known for it's Three Pointed Mallet. It looks more like a giant "E" when you line up the putt. "E" for "Everyone will laugh when you rocket this by the hole," or "Eight. This stupid putt is for an eight!" It was a little too funky for me. I'm not a big fan of mallet putters anyway, and the OZ 6 was just a little too... well... let's just say I could see the Tin Man using this putter before me.

However, for the price, it may be your ticket to no more excuses on the green. It is priced well below some of the other name brand putters on the market. Try one out; maybe the "E" could be for "Eagle."

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