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Golf & Bike Long Shorts w/ Adjustable Knees & Pockets

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Okay, bear with me, I'm crossing over into the sport of cycling. I know this is ground we golfers don't usually venture into. Why the heck would I participate in a sport where I get all hot and sweaty? Plus, I've yet to see one of those fancy 25-speed racing bikes with a good place to put my Coors Light. Hang in there with me because for now, I'm only interested in the apparel -- specifically, these cool wool knickers.

Since the golf clothing industries have left me wanting more when it comes to this fashionable and practical golf attire, I shall borrow from the cyclists. These handmade knickers have a wool blend that is not only very classy looking, but the material is also ideal for playing golf. Because it was designed for bikers, it moves with you when you swing and it also breathes and is very comfortable. A nice bonus are the side pockets where you can put your cell phone (on vibrate of course) and score card. Finally, they have a strap with a button to adjust the size of the knee.

Payne Stewart, if he were alive today, just may try a pair of these modern-day knickers. He, of course, was one of the last touring pros to sport the old-timey knickers on the PGA Tour. You can find some that look more "old school" here, but they are more geared for a Halloween costume than for playing golf. A couple other good choices that I like are the Prana Nemesis Knicker and Ferrosi Knickers. The Prana are actually designed for climbing, another sport that is lacking an adequate place for me to set my open beer.

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