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Adidas Powerband 2.0 I love the look of these Adidas Powerband 2.0 golf shoes. They look like you could go out and run a marathon in them. They are very sporty looking and have some great technology.

First things first, when you live in the Northwest like I do (where it rains nonstop), you need a shoe that is waterproof. These Powerband 2.0 have ClimaProof technology, giving you two layers that make the shoe 100% waterproof. The first layer wicks moisture away from your feet while the second layer surrounds your feet with a waterproof membrane.

Next, this shoe helps you get more power out of your golf swing. It has a "Powerband Chassis." This is a state-of-the-art TPU chassis that gives the golfer tremendous leverage to generate power from the ground up. The Powerband Chassis limits midsole compression which in turn stabilizes your feet, helping you achieve a more powerful golf swing.

Finally this shoe provides you with extreme gripping ability using its Traxion technology. This is a high traction outsole that includes secondary lugs that are strategically shaped and placed to prevent slippage while not tearing up the green.

This shoe is high in comfort and performance and has a cool, sporty look. There is only one other shoe that I might recommend more, and that is only if you are looking for the utmost in performance and technology. Take a gander at the Adidas Mens Tour 360 3.0. This is the shoe that Sergio Garcia wears. It is the ultimate in golf footwear.

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