Wilson Multi Sport Cage Net w/ Ball Return

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Wilson Multi Sport Cage Net w/ BallPractice makes... well it makes more practice for us, doesn't it? Golf is a lifetime game, and for many of us, practice doesn't make perfect. But it helps -- and this little item is supposed to help us even more. The Wilson Multi-Sport Cage Net with Ball return is for those backyard chippers who need some extra practice. You know, on the short game. Which would be all of us.

They actually call this a multi-sport because you're supposed to be able to use it for baseball and softball practice too, but I'm not really sure how. It makes sense that a ball chipped into the mesh cage and hopefully into the funnel would work, but it just doesn't look strong enough to me to take a few fastballs. In fact, it seems the craftmanship all around is a little chintzy. Yes, it comes with stakes, poles, and even a carry bag; but I'm not sure how it would hold up over time. However, it is very nice to have the idea of either using a bucket to collect all the balls that the net collects or having the ball return bring them back.

One problem (and it may be a design flaw): Most of us will not practice on a surface that allows for easy ball return, even in short-cut "fringe-type" grass. So the ball return would simply bog up. I'm not suggesting another net is better; I just couldn't see myself really using the ball return unless I was practicing on either my carpet, where my wife will be upset if I leave divots in the shag, or an actual green where the ball rolls freely back to me (in which case I... uh... won't be chipping).

So perhaps this one would be better (even less expensive) and more practical for us in our practice times. It is smaller, but isn't the point to practice until we are more accurate? Didn't Pennick say, "Take dead aim?"

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