Tiger’s Roar Fades to a Tweet

Posted by Robert on May 27

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So Tiger tweeted this week before his press conference “I'll donate one million dollars to (the Tiger Woods Foundation) if no one asks me about the leg.”  Really Tiger?  Is this what it has come too - manipulating the media because answering questions about your health has become so inconvenient?

And of course it didn’t work.  In the first 5 minutes he was asked about the knee to which he gave a “politician's answer” saying his health isn’t good but it’s better than it was in 2008 when he came back and won six tournaments.

Perhaps if you picked another charity other than your own and an amount that was more than a drop in the bucket for you, you'd be taken more seriously.

This would’ve done the trick:  “I’ll donate 50 million dollars to Tornado Relief if none of you annoying reporters ask me anything other than how much I bench press.” (Incidentally, Tiger went ahead and donated the cool million to his charity anyway.)

Other tweets this week:

Lance Armstrong – “If nobody asks me about my steroid use, I will go on a date with Scarlett Johansson for charity.

Arnold Schwarzenegger - “If nobody asks me about my illegitimate child I had with my housekeeper, I will buy a Ferrari and deliver bologna sandwiches to the hungry people in Malibu.”

Brett Favre – “If nobody asks me about my sexual harassment, I will play one more year – in Wranglers.”

Charlie Sheen – “If nobody asks me about my drug use, I will take in another homeless porn star.”

Finally, Tiger Woods is still shooting for returning to Golf for the US Open at Congressional June 13th.  I wouldn’t expect him to burden himself with anymore press conferences before then.  But he does find time to tweet…

“..Benched 350lbs today, slammed a protein shake with 4 raw eggs, watched Dancing with the Stars, munched some cheesecake at Perkins, good night.”

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