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Adjustable Angle SQ Square Golf Club Head, Oversized

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Nike Mach Speed Driver As the race for more distance in golf continues to rage on, Nike has entered another driver option into the market. The SQ Mach Speed Driver with its sleek black head is a take-off the original SQ design from a few years ago. The basic idea behind the SQ series was optimizing aerodynamics for faster clubhead speed. This next-gen version from Nike is said to take that original design and further enhance it. For those not familiar with the SQ design, it is essentially a square clubhead. And when I say essentionially, I mean it IS a square clubhead. If you're a traditionalist in your golf club designs, you can skip this one, because it is anything but traditional and it’s about as sexy as a bull dog in a dress.

That’s goes double for the sound at impact. The sound it makes is about as pleasing as freight train slamming on its brakes. They should include a set of ear plugs and a bottle of Excedrin with this thing. (On a positive note, it’s very useful at extracting information on unwilling double agents that have not succumbed to water boarding.)

The aerodynamic profile of the Mach Speed Driver takes advantage of the air movement around the club at all times -- in the backswing and downswing -- reducing the drag and allowing the club to have that max speed at impact. You'll also see that Nike has built some adjustability into the Mach Speed Driver with their STR8-FIT system. This allows the user to adjust the club to one of eight different positions to achieve the ideal face angle for that players swing, helping to correct even the worst hooks and slices. As with nearly every new-age driver, the Mach Speed from Nike has a great deal of forgiveness built into the oversized clubhead, so even off-center hits will travel in the direction intended and for much of the distance potential sought. Also helping that increased distance profile, the SQ driver produces a lower ball flight and imparts less spin on the ball. A word of caution: If you're looking for a club that will allow you to "work" the ball, keep looking -- this club is designed to hit the ball a long way. Period.

This club comes in quite a variety of options for both right- and left-handed players. With lofts from 8.5 degrees to 13 degrees and shaft flexes that include Senior (A), Regular, Stiff and X-Stiff, there is almost surely a combination to fit your game. The shaft is a proprietary model from Nike called the Fubuki and is also done in a jet black finish. I like the shaft. It’s about all I like about the driver. To sum up, all-in-all this is an attractive driver, if you are drawn to such things as black shoe boxes, coal bricks, and compressed cow manure… suffice to say – it’s a somewhat menacing looking, obnoxiously loud club.

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