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Tear Drop Putter Corp. was founded in 1992 and, over the next several years, saw themselves from near bankruptcy, to an explosion of popularity and growth, to near bankruptcy again. In 1997, Tear Drop Putter Corp. saw company growth through acquisitions including the purchase of Tommy Armour Golf, Ram Golf and Pro Golf Promotions, LLC. Throughout the 1990s, Tear Drop Putters were among some of the best and most sought after putters around. It seems (the history and information just stop in 2000) the burden of these other companies was a huge strain on Tear Drop and in addition, they found themselves unable to comply with the NASDAQ standards as a publicly traded company (which they had become in 1996). Despite exhaustive research on Tear Drop Putter Corp., no meaningful information can be found after 1999.


Tear Drop putters were offered in a number of models all designated by a “TD” followed by a two-digit model number (e.g., 00, 02, 17, etc.). It was rumored (though never confirmed) that Tear Drop putters were being forged by Bettinardi — one of the premier high-end putter makers in the world. The design, workmanship, and overall look of the Tear Drop putters were undeniably similar to the Bettinardi line — so perhaps the rumors are true.

Tear Drop putters were precision milled to very exacting standards and featured what they called “ROLL-FACE Technology”. This was a design element said to overcome the tendency for golfers to “skid” the ball in the first few inches after contact, rather than imparting a “roll” on the golf ball. Each Tear Drop putter was milled from 11L-17 cold roll stainless steel. There were quite a variety of putters available, including flanged blades, plumbers neck, no-hosel single bend shafted and more. Finishes were mostly a soft gold color (though the material was stainless steel), but some models were also available in a Black Oxide finish. Shafts were True Temper and grips were a Lamkin smooth wrap. Each model was available in, from 2 to 4 different lengths for the best possible fit.

Tear Drop Putters Today

Since it appears no new Tear Drop putters have been put into the marketplace for nearly a decade now, the best place to find a Tear Drop putter is through online auction sites like eBay, and at discount/recycle retailers like Play It Again Sports. Prices range from as low as $10.00 to nearer $70.00, depending on model, condition, location, etc. There have even been a few come up that are still in the original wrapping and completely new.

Tear Drop putters are still sought after, and those who had one — and either lost or traded it away — often regret it.

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Tear Drop Putter Model TD42

Flanged Blade Golf Collectible w/ Gold Finish

Tear Drop Putter Model TD42 | Flanged Blade Golf Collectible w/ Gold Finish

Though they were only around from 1992 to 1999, the Tear Drop Putter line was made up of a number of traditional models -- built with modern technology. The line was often rumored to have been milled by Bettinardi and, when you look at the inception of Bettinardi ...

Tear Drop Putter Model TD00

Collectible Bettinardi Golf Club, Milled Gold & Stainless Steel

Tear Drop Putter Model TD00 | Collectible Bettinardi Golf Club, Milled Gold & Stainless Steel

If you consider the brief time in which the Tear Drop putter line was around, this is probably a pretty rare model (of even the whole line) to find. Built only from 1992 to late 1999, the Tear Drop line was often rumored to be milled by Bettinardi. ...

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