Tear Drop Putter Model TD00

Collectible Bettinardi Golf Club, Milled Gold & Stainless Steel

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If you consider the brief time in which the Tear Drop putter line was around, this is probably a pretty rare model (of even the whole line) to find. Built only from 1992 to late 1999, the Tear Drop line was often rumored to be milled by Bettinardi. If you're not familiar with that name, Bettinardi is, today, one of the premier boutique putter companies in the world. Their putters start at about $300 apiece and go up (way up) from there.

The model TD00 is a heel-toe weighted and face-balanced putter in a no-hosel design. The single bend shaft has a smooth, pleasing arch into the base of the putter head. Like all Tear Drop putters, the TD00 is precision milled from a block of 11L-17 cold roll stainless steel and given a soft, gold finish. The claim to fame of the Tear Drop line is their ROLL-FACE Technology that was developed to fit any player's putting stroke. Rather than the golfer adapting to the putter, the putter fits you. The precision milling puts the optimal face radius on each model in the Tear Drop line and -- if the hundreds of online comments are any indication -- produced one of the highest quality, best feeling putters ever made. The TD00 is available in 33", 34", 35" and 36" lengths and is fitted with a True Temper putter shaft and smooth wrap grip from Lamkin.

Availability is obviously a little tough; when you stop making something over 10 years ago, there are bound to be some shortages. However, good condition examples can still be found online and maybe even in the putter barrel at your local golf store. I have also heard of the occasional new-in-the-wrapper model turning up. If owning a Tear Drop is something you'd like to do, a little diligence in your search and some earnest Internet digging around will more than likely be rewarded.

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