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Ladies Footjoy Golf Sandals, Greenjoy I'm the guy you want reviewing golf sandals -- I'm a sandal guy. Many of rounds, I've taken ridicule and persecution as I walked up to the first tee sporting my ventilated convertible foot wear. (My friends can be a little snooty when it comes to golf apparel.) The thing about golf sandals is: if you make the right adjustment (from wearing more stable golf shoes) like slowing down and focusing on tempo, you will find your golf sandals to be a secret weapon.

In other words, a less stable shoe can actually help your tempo. The reason being, that when you wrap the club around your head and coil up like a spring, if you spastically come unwound like a Yoyo, you’re going to end up in the creek next to the tee box.

So most people will make a much slower swing and find themselves hitting the ball on the center of the clubface more often. This may actually make the ball go further than your typical ferocious swing that resembles a panicked person trying to swat a bee with a broom stick.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying these sandals don’t have any grab in them. They are equipped with soft spikes in the bottom, just like the majority of your traditional golf shoes. Thus, they are certainly better than flip flops.

The main thing I'm looking for in a golf sandal... hold on to your hats, this might surprise you – is comfort. I'm really more concerned with the feel on my feet than how stable the shoe is. That and some cool tan lines. When you play as much golf as I do, sometimes you need a break from those stiff, sweaty golf shoes, or I just can’t find any clean socks. Either way, it makes for a nice change and a good conversation piece for my foursome (regarding my pale, funky feet).

Let's face it, if you are playing golf in sandals, then you are giving up performance for pleasure. And these FootJoys are very comfy. FootJoy in my opinion, (sandals or not) are the most comfortable golf shoes on the market.

In addition, these FootJoy Sandals are about as good as it gets in stability for a golf sandal. The soles are very firm, and the lining underneath - the adjustable Velcro straps - lock your foot down very tight. And the several soft spikes on the bottom, as I previously mentioned, are decent enough for gripping.

Thus, compared to flip flops and Birkenstocks, these are a good alternative to play golf. On those hot summer days it’s fun to get out sans socks and let the puppies breath, but.still be able to rip your drives, just watch out for the adjacent creek. I also like the Bite Women's Double X TG Golf Sandal, but it's not quite as comfortable as the Footjoy.

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