Bite Orthosport Women’s Golf Sandals, Ergonomic Anti-Microbial

Adjustable Velcro, Tempo OS G White

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Bite Orthosport Women's Golf Sandals,Do your feet hurt after a round of golf? Do they stink? Mine do. Gross! Sorry, but I have to give it to you straight. My dogs are not just barking after a round of golf, they smell like they’ve been chasing cats in the rain and getting into the neighbors garbage.

On a nice summer day, when the weather is warm, I look forward to taking a day off from my stiff golf shoes and sliding into a pair of sandals. It helps my swing too, because it forces me to pay a little closer attention to swinging in-tempo. Let’s face it, when your little piggies are flying free in the breeze – you are not going to get as much bite with your feet. Thus you should naturally start swinging a little easier or you will find yourself on your derrière in the bushes. And, remember one in the hand is better than two in the bush!

On that note you actually kill two birds with one stone by wearing sandals. (Perhaps, I’m throwing too many metaphors at you.) If you are suffering from bad tempo and funky feet, these Orthosport Women's Golf Sandals are going to fix both of those problems.

These sandals have an ergonomic design. That's a big word. (Don't run for your dictionary, I've got you covered.) This means the high-paid shoe designers at Bite have taken great measures to build these shoes so that they interact with your foot in a positive way and that at the end of 18 holes of golf, your foot doesn't come out looking like a pretzel. The shoe is designed to fit to the contour of your foot and the straps allow you to tighten in down like a vice. Although, to me that contradicts the point as I’ve noticed when I strap down the sandals, it hurts my feet. Therefore, I keep them looser than most.

What's more is there is a removable foot bed, and the shoes are anti-microbial and odor-resistant. (How do they do that?) Apparently, your feet will not only come out feeling fresh, but they will smell fresh (like roses, actually). Sorry, I'm always skeptical when it comes to this anti-microbial, odor-resistant stuff. I've yet to find any shoe that could dampen the potency of my funky feet. (Maybe I should see a doctor.) Your feet might be different.

All and all, the pros of this sandal are as follows: I really like the arch support and stability of this sandal. For the money, you won’t find a more stable sandal. And yes, the shoe has soft spikes along the bottom, like most of you standard golf shoes. On the downside, I don't like the heel strap. To be honest, It rides up like a cheap pair of boxer shorts. (Ahem.) On my foo, that is – and I find myself constantly having to push it down, or just un-straping the strap altogether. For comfort, I recommend the Bite Women's Double X TG Golf Sandal and the Footjoy Greenjoy Ladies' Golf Sandal.

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