Palm Springs Women’s Golf Sandals

Ladies Budget Adjustable Sport Sandal w/ Spikes

Posted by Robert

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Palm Springs Women's Golf Sandals There are two things I have to worry about when wearing sandals golfing: my feet getting sunburned and my sandals getting stinky. Oh, and my golf buddies making fun of my gnarly-looking feet. (That's three things, actually.)

These Palm Springs Ladies Golf Sandals aren't my favorite golf sandals in the world. The price is good if you are just looking for one step off from your flip flops. However, they are a bit generic for my taste. They are bland-looking and ugly, and they aren't that stable.

There a couple of golf shoes out there that I like a lot better, because they are better-looking and more stable. My favorite is the Footjoy Greenjoy Ladies' Golf Sandal. This is a rugged sandal that is sporty-looking and about as stable as you are going to get in a golf sandal. The other one I like is the Bite Women's Double X TG Golf Sandal. In this golf sandal, Bite uses a double X cross strapping system to lock your foot into place.

Whichever one you choose, don't forget to put sunscreen on your feet. (And some deodorant!)

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