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Women’s Golf Footwear, Adjustable Velcro For Snug Fit

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Bite Double X TG Sandal Golf sandals are a great idea in the summer to give your feet a break and get some cool tan lines on your feet. My first real golf sandals were Bite golf sandals. I say "real" because I've played some rounds in flip flops and Chacos. I wouldn't recommend it either, although it is a good exercise if you want to train yourself to slow down and swing with good tempo, because of course you can't grip it and rip it when your feet are slipping around.

The positive effects, however, don’t out way the humiliation you get when getting thrown off of the bosses private country club for showing up in flip flops. (If I can only help one person.)

All joking aside, sandals are a new wave sweeping golf as more and more people join are great sport. Golf is becoming less of a snooty knickers and leather shoes sport, to a shorts and sandals sport. And I love it.

Let’s take a look at these Bite sandals. They designed these Double X TG Sandals so you could swing away. The Double X refers to a technology they use to secure your foot in place. It's a double X strapping pattern. Take a gander at the photo and you'll see what I'm talking about. The straps on your heel and in the middle form an "X". Use the three adjustable Velcro straps (one on the heel, the middle, and the toes) to lock it down and you have a sandal that is going to hug your foot like a kid being dropped off on the first day of preschool.

The main thing when it comes to golf shoes regarding performance is how sturdy they are. Thanks to the Double X you can fasten these things down tighter than a bow-line on a sailboat. That being said, they are still sandals, and that means you really can’t grip with your feet like your regular Dry Joys.

But that’s fine with me, because I usually score better when I’m swing easier anyway. One of the intangibles I’ve noticed when walking 18 holes of golf in sandals is your feet don’t get as tired. That might be a function of the comfortable shoes combined with the fact that you are swinging easier. Regardless of the reason, I know that I don’t fade as quick on 17 and 18 as I do in the stiff leathers.

I would caution you on one thing. You should leave the sandals at home on particularly hilly golf courses, or particularly swanky golf clubs. Either one could cause some embarrassing moments like when you accidentally fall into a ravine, or when the starter on the loud speaker asks you to leave the first tee. Again, If I can help only one person with my mistakes, then it means a lot to me.

All in all, I really like these golf sandals. The only pair I've seen that can compete is the Footjoy Greenjoy Ladies Golf Sandal. The FootJoy is a little sportier-looking and a bit more comfortable.

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