Birdie Practice Golf Balls, Short Distance

Swing Hook Training w/ Strikepad

Posted by Robert

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Birdie Practice Golf Balls, ShortThese Birdie Balls only go 40 yards max. Thus, you can practice in your backyard.

I grew up in Florida. I was lucky enough to live in a house with a canal in the backyard. My friends and I used to tee up golf balls on the lawn and hit them into the river. Unfortunately, if I hit a duck hook, it would smash into the boat that was docked across the canal from our house. Then our neighbor would pay my father a visit, and his intentions were more than to just politely return my golf balls. (It goes without saying that I learned how to correct a hook at a very early age.)

These Birdie Balls are a cool invention. You can use them to correct your hook and you don't need to live on a canal or a driving range. I like the Birdie Ball better than those practice wiffle balls because the ball has a similar weight and feel as a regular golf ball, plus a cool sound. They only fly 40 yards total. Thus, take them out in the backyard or to the park. The coolest thing is that the ball will hook or slice just likes a normal golf ball.

The only downside is the Birdie Balls will tend to crack with repeated use. However, it takes hundreds of shots before this happens, and you get 12 balls plus a strike pad with this deal. Finally, you can refill and buy just the Birdie Balls alone if you wish.

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