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Foam & Wiffle Balls for Golf TrainingI always keep some of these plastic wiffle golf balls in my bag. They can come in handy and make a great practice tool.

For one, if you are practicing your golf swing in the backyard and you don't have a net to hit into, these practice balls are ideal. They don't go that far, but you can still get a good feel of how you hit the ball. If you hit it solid, it will fly a good 6 to 8 feet. Plus, the ball flight will hook or slice just like a real golf ball.

Another place these come in handy is out on the golf course. That's right -- if you are out on one of those painfully slow Sundays when you have to sit and wait on every tee box, just grab a few of these wiffle balls and you can practice your full driver swings. Of course keep in mind, this is against the USGA rules if you are playing in tournament.

Finally, these would make a good toy for the kids to whack away at in the backyard, much better than real golf balls. They won't be able to break any window with these.

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