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Swing Groove Practice Trainer This thing looks like golf's version of a punching bag. You know those speed bags that hang in the gym that the boxers work out on to get their timing and rhythm?

This Swing Groove actually has nothing to do with timing and rhythm, but is supposed to help you groove your swing without going to the driving range. Simply put it in your backyard and wack away at it to groove your swing. It will even show you the ball flight as only straight hits will move the ball (affixed to a rope) 90 degrees. Otherwise a slice or a hook will rotate the ball sideways.

This is a cool concept that needs a little improving before I can recommend it. For one, the ball hangs off of the ground. Most of our golf shots are struck off of the ground while taking a divot. I think you are a lot more likely to groove some bad swings with this device than good ones.

Instead of this product, take a look at these Birdie Balls. This is an ingenious idea that allows you to practice full swings in your backyard. The Birdie Balls have a similar feel to a real golf ball, but only fly 40 yards max.

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