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Perfect Release Swing Plane I'm not big on many of these swing trainers. Most of them aren't worth the box they come in, but this one caught my eye. My buddy Nick and I have been working for some time on trying to correct "the flip." (No, I'm not talking about the high dive.)

One big difference between amateur and pro golfers is the turn. PGA pros work on making a full turn and clearing the hips on the downswing, which makes space for the club to swing down the target line. Thus, the clubface is squared by the rotation of the body, not the flipping of the hands. If you look at a pro at impact, his hands lead the clubface, and his left wrist has not released. If you look at most amateurs at impact, we will have a broken left wrist in attempt to flip the clubface closed in order to make it go at our target. Consequently, we lose power -- and if we don't time it perfectly, we lose consistency.

The Perfect Release Swing Plane Trainer Golf Club Aid is a heavy duty band that runs from the shaft of the club to the bicep of your left arm. The idea is to get you to feel the club on the right plane, and it makes it almost impossible for you to flip the clubface.

I like this product, and it will certainly help you feel what it's like to lead with your hands and as a result turn your body more to generate power.

You should also check out the Medicus. It's another swing trainer that I highly recommend. The Medicus is the golf club with the hinge that releases if you have bad tempo or are not on plane.

Like I said, I'm not big of most swing trainers, but these two will definitely improve your golf swing.

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