Gyro Swing Trainer by SKLZ

Golf Practice Club w/ Gyroscope Battery Included

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Gyro Swing Trainer by SKLZ This swing trainer utilizes an actual real gyroscope, just like the Hubble Telescope. "What is a Gyroscope?" you ask. Don't ask me! It's not like this job requires a college degree. (I'm actually a 14-year-old living in China being forced to write reviews for rice.)

Seriously though, a gyroscope is designed for measuring or maintaining orientation. Without going into too much detail, it is a spinning wheel or disk in which the axel is not fixed and can spin in any direction.

The gyroscope in the Gyro Swing Trainer is battery operated (with rechargeable batteries included). As you swing the trainer, the gyroscope spins and you feel resistance if you swing off plane. A lot of us have issues with throwing it over the top or casting. If you try this with the Gyro Swing Trainer, you will certainly feel it. Once you get the hang of swinging it, it will help you stay on plane and release the club at the proper time.

This is a cool little toy and does exactly as advertised. In addition to training the proper swing plane and release, it also helps work your golf muscles. Thus, it's a great tool to keep in shape.

However, there are tools that I like better that teach you the correct swing plane, and they are a little bit more affordable. Two of my favorites include the Medicus and the Swingyde.

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