Markwort Power Swing Fan

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Posted by Robert

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Power Swing Fan I've used this training aid, and I like it. It's a golf club with a fan on the end of it. The fan adds resistance when you swing the club to promote better form and strengthen golf muscles.

Probably the biggest swing flaw most of us amateurs struggle with is manipulating the club with our hands and not turning our body. It's almost impossible to get too "handsy" with this training aid.

I was working with a teaching professional the first time I tried this, and he urged me to really concentrate on taking the tool back in one piece and make a full turn. I could really feel it when I did it correctly, and I was able to increase my swing speed the more I played with it. What's more is, the next day I felt sore in my arms and shoulders from swinging it.

I would recommend this for every level of golfer. Not only is it a great swing aid that will help correct some of your swing flaws and help strengthen your golf muscles, but it's also great for loosening up before a round of golf.

This product looks very similar to the PowerSwing Fan, which is less expensive.

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