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Golf Cart Cover Hey look at this everybody… it's a Six Passenger Golf Cart Enclosure! Wait a minute. Has anybody ever seen a six-person golf cart? I haven't. I take that back. I think I saw one several years ago when I was a kid visiting Disney World. Goofy was driving it in the parking lot.

This Six Passenger Golf Cart Enclosure fits over your roof. (No, not the roof of your Hyundai.) Just roll down the sides quickly and easily when that thunderstorm blows in. Six zip-open panels roll up and down independently --so you can keep warm with your window closed, while Goofy can have his open so his ears aren't squished.

If you are looking for a golf cart cover for a normal sized golf cart, check out the Classic Deluxe Camo Golf Cart Enclosure. Not only will it fit your two-person golf cart, it's stylish to boot. The Camo style is very appealing to the hunter, but probably not so much to Goofy.

If you do have a six-person golf cart, well then by all means this is the golf cart cover for you. I just hope I don't get stuck playing behind your six-some next Sunday. As for Goofy, he never did seem to care if was raining or not.

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