Classic Deluxe Camo Weather Proof Golf Cart Cover

Posted by Robert

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Classic Deluxe Camo Weather Proof Golf"There are no rainy days," Tiger proclaims in one of his classic Nike television commercials that displays him pounding ball after ball while out in a driving rain storm. I suggest they get Boo Weekly to do a follow-up using this Classic Deluxe Camo Golf Cart Enclosure. He'd be sporting his hunting jacket, and have a can of chew in his hand..

"Yer right, Tiger, thar ar' no rainy days, I reckon."

What can I say about this Camo Cart Cover except you can't look at this without laughing? Ahh, this cracks me up... which is why I really want one.

It takes all of two minutes to pop this full weather-proof cover on the roof of your golf cart and roll down the sides for complete coverage. Once on your way, roll up any of the six zip open panels to spit out your sunflower seeds, or just unfasten one of the durable vinyl doors to toss Skeeter another cold one. It comes with a carrying case for easy transport or storage.

I would recommend this product if nothing else than to crack up your friends or get some crazy looks at your golf club, and of course it'd make a great gift for that hunter/golfer in your life.

Let's face it; we've all seen the Tiger fans out there strutting around with their red Nike Dry Fit golf shirt tucked into their freshly ironed black pants. You guys better watch your back, because you might get run over by a Boo Weekly fan driving around in his Camo covered golf cart. (Gun rack sold separately.)

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