Coleman Portable Heater for Golf Cart

Cup Holder Attachment 3000 BTU Propane

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Coleman Portable Heater for Golf Cart Here's a gadget for you golf addicts that refuse to let bad weather keep you away from the links. This Coleman Golf Cart Heater fits in a cup holder in your golf cart and pumps out 3000 BTU's of heat. It's perfectly safe, as it's completely flameless with a battery ignition and a platinum catalytic head. The heater will go for 7 hours off of a 16.4 -oz. propane cylinder.

The upside of this heater is it does as advertised. This feels great on those frozen extremities when you hustle back to your cart in the driving, freezing wind. The down side is you have to fight your playing partner for quality time with it. Unfortunately, it points up at your face and only shoots in one specific direction. It would be nice if it could be directed a little lower as well. In addition, because it's a bit top-heavy, it tends to launch out of the cup holder over rough terrain, which is fine if you need your lap or feet heated!

Make sure check out this Camo Enclosure for extra comfort and warmth as well. The camo design is an extra benefit, so the authorities won't spot you playing on a closed golf course in the middle of a blizzard.

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