Adidas Climacool Tradewinds Shoe, Blue

Ladies Athletic Golf Shoes w/ Spikes

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Adidas Climacool Tradewinds Shoe, Blue My grandpappy always said, "You get what you pay for." Grandpappy had a knack for stating the obvious. (He was also fond of saying, "You kids get off of my lawn!" and "Does anybody else hear that buzzing?")

These Climacool Tradewinds are only 20 bucks, and that's because you are basically buying a sneaker with some spikes on the bottom. The upside is it's a very comfortable shoe that keeps your foot cool. The mesh lining and synthetic uppers feel great and the open panels are like have little sunroofs for your feet.

However, don't go out mudding in these. They are not waterproof, weatherproof, or even early morning dew-proof. Also, don't wear them without socks. Even though they are lightweight, they are too stiff to wear without socks. For a cool "Croc-like" golf shoe that you can wear sans any foot underwear, check out the Dawgs Lady Golf Spirit Shoes.

And for something more high performance and waterproof, check out my faves: the Adidas Tour 360 3.0 Womens Golf Shoes. About these shoes my grandpappy would say, "You gotta have the right tool for the right job."

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