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Adidas Tour 360 Sport Check out these golf shoes by Adidas that look like they are made out of mesh. Just looking at these shoes it appears that they would be as comfortable as bedroom slipper. Let's take a closer look.

The comfort comes from the 50/50 Protect material. This innovative technology uses a water and soil repellent material in the lower part of the shoe and an open upper that is breathable, flexible, and lightweight.

This shoe also has Adidas' cool 360Wrap technology. The 360WRAP is a support around the mid foot with a steady central shank that surrounds and boosts the foot. This gives the golfer incredible stability.

Ever heard of a shoe that can give you more power? The 360 Sport has a revolutionary "Powerband Chassis." This is a state-of-the-art TPU chassis that gives the golfer tremendous leverage to generate power from the ground up. The Powerband Chassis limits midsole compression which in turn stabilizes your feet, helping you achieve a more powerful golf swing.

I would recommend this shoe to all golfers who are looking for a high performance golf shoe with an emphasis on comfort. The only word of caution I would give you is in playing in wet weather. Although the 50/50 material does repel water, it doesn't protect your feet from very wet and muddy conditions. For a heavier duty waterproof shoe, take a look at the Adidas Mens Tour 360 3.0 Golf Shoes.

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