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Wilson Staff Di9 Iron Set Review vs.If you drew a line from point A (the biggest, most forgiving irons on the market) to point B (the sleekest, most workable irons), right in the middle is where you'd find these Wilson Staff Di9s.

I grabbed a set of these for the garage because they were inexpensive and I figured it would be nice to have around for guests and family when they came to visit. I used to have a set of old Fat shafts lying around but they finally left me one day when my girlfriend had a garage sale. (Come to think of it, I haven’t seen my old Ping putter since then either, nor my box of old golf gloves, my bag of salvaged golf balls, my persimmons fairway woods, my broken tees, my stained towels, my old golf shoes and my golden retriever, “Opie”).

I decided to take them out for a trial run and boy was I impressed. First of all they are a full club longer than the old bubble shafts and way more forgiving. Because of the cavity back the sweet spot is much larger. Toe hits and heal hits traveled on target and flew the same distance as center hits.

The best thing about the set, though, is the feel. It has a very smooth feel when you hit the ball right on the large sweet spot. It’s one of those feelings that you just can’t describe to somebody who doesn’t play golf. It kind of feels like nothing at impact but the ball flies high on a penetrating ball flight. Don’t get me wrong, the set has decent feedback and you can certainly feel it when you hit a bad shot. The club has a very balanced feel and it is very easy to control your distance.

Let’s talk a little about the technology. The Di stands for distance, and they certainly deliver that. Most of the cavity weight is located directly behind the sweet spot. The ball jumps off of the face with a mid to high launch angle and carries a long way.

The club has a larger MOI then its predecessor, the Di7, but has a lower profile blade, thus giving it both forgiveness and workability. Another difference between the Di7 and Di9 is the size of the clubhead. The Di7 is an oversize, where the Di9 is mid-sized. To me, this is much more appealing, but if you are a high handicapper, I would recommend you go for the bigger, more forgiving clubhead.

Finally, I like the feel of the Di9. Wilson has added a "shock trap" urethane insert. If you are still perfecting your swing and don't hit it on the sweet spot as often as you like, then you will really like this feature (especially on the driving range on a cold day). Mishits don't rattle up into your elbows like your "old school" irons.

If you are mid to low handicapper, you should also check out the Wilson Staff Ci9 Control Iron Set. This is a beautiful set designed for better golfers.

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