Wilson Staff Ci9 Iron Golf Club Control Set

New Ci Clubs Review, Offset Grooved Stainless Steel

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Wilson Staff Ci9 Iron Golf Club ControlThese irons have a skeleton hidden inside! It's true. The coolest thing about these Ci9s is they are built with a hidden exoskeleton that repositions the mass towards the heel and the toe. This raises the irons' MOI while increasing the stability at impact while maintain the COG behind the sweet spot.

The Wilson Ci9 iron is the third generation of the very popular, award winning Ci range. Ci stands for Control Iron as opposed to Wilson's Di (Distance Iron) series. Thus, this set is designed for the better golfer who wants to shape his shots and have a little bit of feel. The midsized face has a thin topline and a sleeker, playable look. (These are comparable to the Nike Victory Red Forged Split Cavity Irons.)

I found the club very easy to work the ball. I could flight the ball high with a soft cut or hit low drawing stingers that would run to the back of the range. The clubs are very shiny and look very cool in the bag.

One nice thing - when you give up forgiveness you gain feel. The Ci9s are very responsive and you can easily feel it when you miss the ball towards the toe or the heal. And when you catch it right in the middle – OH BABY! It has a very pleasing feel which actually feels like nothing… But the best nothing you ever felt.

In addition to the feel, the sound is very nice as well. A ball struck on the sweet spot has a crisp satisfying pop, as opposed to the dull thud of the more game improving irons. It’s like the difference between the crack of a baseball off from a wood bat in the MLB vs. the tink of those aluminum ones used in college.

Don’t get me wrong, the irons are built with some game-improving features as well. For example, there is a very subtle progressive offset and the grooves are modified U-grooves that push the maximum limits of the new USGA specifications. This gives the face tremendous spin and helps you work the ball.

There are a couple things I should warn you about this set. First, I'm not a big fan of the wedge. It's too square looking. I would recommend the W/S TW9. I'd also throw in a 50-degree gap wedge, because the PW and SW are 44 and 55, respectively. That is too big of a gap and can lead to some over-swinging – or worse, under-swinging.

Another thing is the stock grips are crummy. I’ve seen better grips on Wal-mart clubs. So when you are figuring out your total expense, make sure to budget for some high quality Winn or Lamkin grips.

Finally, I like the soft 431 stainless steel. It provides great feel and feedback, but you will need individual head covers to keep them from scuffing when being banged around in your golf bag.

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