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Posted by Robert

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Top Flite New Golf Balls This is every man's ball, the quintessential golf ball. This is the Big Mac, the Coca-Cola, and the Budweiser. I probably find more Top Flite balls when I'm looking for lost balls on the course than any other golf ball.

True story: I just finished marking my brand new Titleist Pro V1x with my signature "R" and teed off on the first hole of one of the nicer courses in my city. I hit a pretty good drive, but I pulled it a little left just out of the fairway. Sure enough, a gentleman that was playing a hole adjacent to mine hits a ball that is in close proximity to where I estimate my ball to have landed. When I get up to that specific area, there is a ball there, but it isn't mine -- it's a Top Flite. "Oh no you DI-ENT!" I exclaimed under my breath.

Without hesitation, I picked up the ball and began sprinting towards the green of the adjacent hole where the ball thief had gone. (Unfortunately we didn't rent carts.) When I got to the green, I asked the man politely as he addressed his ball (or rather MY BALL) with his putter, "Excuse me sir, what ball are you playing?"

"Top Flite," he quickly replied. I walked over, picked my ball up from in front of his putter, showed him my mark on the ball, and handed him his Top Flite and went on my merry way. Of course, the group on the tee behind us (waiting to tee off) was not too impressed.

Okay, so perhaps I'm a bit of a ball snob, but the Pro V1x will set you back a little more than the Top Flite XL 3000. But this ball is an inexpensive ball that will go a long, long way. If you are a weekend hacker, by all means enjoy these balls (with your Big Mac and Coca-Cola).

Also, for the premium Top Flite ball, check out The Gamer. These balls have a better feel around the greens than the XL 3000. They're a little more expensive, but a lot more playable. Give them a try -- just make sure you keep an eye on ‘em.

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