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Forged Driver | Stand Bag w/ Head Covers XL 5000

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Top Flite Box Full Set Clubs Let me guess: Your buddy just took you out to the golf course for the first time ever last weekend. You jumped into a golf cart, borrowed a few of his clubs, and swung from your heels. Something tells me by the end of the day, you managed to make contact a few times, and now you're hooked. (Just call me Nostradamus.)

I usually don't like these box set clubs, but let's face it - Who has the money to shell out thousands on buying irons, woods, a putter and a golf bag separately, especially if you're not even sure you are going to stick with the game?

With this set, The Top Flite XL 5000, you get the whole kit and caboodle for a reasonable price. The set comes with an offset 460cc forged driver with draw weighting to help you square the clubface, two matching stainless steel fairway woods, two stainless steel hybrids, six cavity back stainless steel irons, and a putter. It also comes with a stand bag and head covers.

I would recommend buying this set of clubs if you aren't really sure how much time you are going to spend practicing -- or perhaps you are looking for a gift for somebody who hasn't ever golfed before, but has shown interest in trying it.

Otherwise, take a gander at the Adam's Golf A2 Irons. For a few more dollars, you will get a set that with some practice you can grow into and use for many years. You might even beat your buddy who got you started in the first place.

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