The Original Bag Shag

75 Ball Capacity Shagger

Posted by Robert

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The Original Bag Shag Grab your shag bag and throw it in the back of your Jag! Every serious golfer has a shag bag in the trunk of their car. When you have a shagger full of balls, you don't need anything more than one golf club and an open field.

Some of the best practice sessions I've ever had involved my pitching wedge and my shag bag. I used to live two blocks from the beach in Cocoa Beach, FL. I would take my bag of balls and dump them in the sand and practice my bunker shots. I got pretty deadly with my sand game after that.

Let me give you a quick description of the Original Bag Shag Golf Ball Shagger. This is your typical shag bag. It holds 75 golf balls. To retrieve your balls, simply walk over and place the end of the tube over the ball and press down. No bending required. (I really wish they had something like this for my dirty socks in my bedroom.)

This is an invaluable tool in your golf arsenal because it opens up when and where you can practice your game. So grab your shag bag and soon you will brag about your ability to lag right up to the flag.

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