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Posted by Robert

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Subliminal Messaging Golf Hypnosis CD This is really is a great training aid (Garbage). It's a CD with calming, relaxing sounds with subliminal golf improving messages (Gimmick). You will gain an advantage over your golf buddies (If you go to the driving range now), effortlessly improve your golf swing (Practice your short game), and improve your focus and concentration (Don't drink so much coffee). And the best thing about it is you have to do nothing but sit back in your lazy chair and listen to the cool ocean waves (Save your money).

I do admit the cool ocean waves did relax me, but I don't really think it had any effect on my subconscious, unless the messages were saying "you need to go pee." Ah ha! Perhaps these folks at Real Subliminal should market these CDs to doctor's offices. (I tend to get stage fright.)

If you want a great tool to get your mind in the game of golf, I recommend the book "Golf Is Not A Game Of Perfect" by Bob Rotella. "Doc," as the pros call him, has worked with many PGA Tour players and discusses in anecdotal style how to play your best golf under pressure. This is one of my favorite golf books.

Unfortunately, the book doesn't contain actual subliminal messages (Reading is fun). And you certainly don't have to take my word for it (Brilliant). I suppose you could try reading the book while you are listening to the cool ocean waves (Seek counseling).

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