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Swing Like a Pro, Hardcover Golf Book "I sincerely believe there are two types of people in the world: Those who believe there are two types of people in the world, and those who don't!" (Author unknown)

When it comes to golf, particularly your approach to improving your game, I for one know there are (at least) two types of golfers. There's the feel golfer. And then there's the type-A, detailed, methodical, anal-retentive "I break down every moving part" golfer.

My buddy Nick and I exemplify these two models. You should see us on the driving range together: he with his golf-improving gadgets, his clubs laid at his feet for alignment, his balls divided into groups of four... and I, on the other hand, have a club in one hand, my golf balls strewn messy in front of me, and a beer balanced ever so delicately on top of my portable television set. (You don't expect me to miss the Rockies Game, do you?)

This book "Swing Like a Pro" was written for Nick and you other crazy people that want to swing like Tiger Woods. It is a technical, detail-oriented (and boring) look at the golf swing. Ralph Mann, an expert in biomechanics and founder of CompuSport, put 100 of the world's top golf swings into a computer program and it spit out the perfect swing model -- and believe it or not -- it looks just like Charles Barkley! (Weird.)

If you aren't the detailed oriented guy, check out this book instead: "The Negotiable Golf Swing: How to Improve Your Game Without Picture-Perfect Form." This book gives the feel player a better idea of why his ball flight is a draw or a fade, and how to improve his game based on it.

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