Srixon WG-706 Wedge

Carbon Steel Forged Club

Posted by Robert

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Srixon WG-706 Wedge How's your short game these days? Can you get it up and down? Do your pitch shots land soft with spin and stop quickly? A lot of it comes down to practice -- but just like in your long game, you could probably benefit from some of the latest technology.

This Srixon WG-706 Wedge should do the trick. I loved forged clubs and this one has a beautiful look. It looks like most of the clubs the guys are swinging on tour. It has engraved U-shaped grooves that are designed to work as a channel keeping the clubface clean and the dirt and grass out. It will spin the ball out of any lie because the face has a "friction generating Face Press Milling treatment."

The feel is what I like best of all. This forged club is exceptionally soft. It uses 1020 carbon steel.

The only thing I would caution you when considering this club is: they've intentionally reduced the heel bounce so you can play those touch shots around the green. Just keep in mind (for those of you used to playing those sand wedges that have a huge bounce built into them) this will affect your bunker shots .

All in all, this wedge is going to improve your short game, but unfortunately you're still going to need to practice.

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